Fractal Self-similarity, Scale Invariance and Stationary waves Codes Architecture Human Chromosomes DNA sequences

  • Jean-claude PEREZ


After demonstrating a method of numerical unification of DNA information at the level of each human chromosome, we have demonstrated the presence of periods and numerical "resonances" characterizing the DNA sequence of each human chromosome. We then analyze the fractal nature of these periods and numerical resonances by using a sample of reference human chromosomes in Sapiens and Neanderthal. In particular, we will demonstrate these properties of FRACTAL INVARIANCE by 3 types of results:

First proof: invariance of the periodic properties of chromosome 21 despite a random mixing of T C A G base-pairs.

Second proof: phenomena reminiscent of « discrete numerical waveforms » properties: resonances, dissonances, fractal periods, phase shifts, phase opposites. We will illustrate these properties by studying chromosomes 13 and 7 of Neanderthal and Sapiens HG38.

Third proof: invariance of the periodic properties of Sapiens HG38 chromosome 4 despite a regular sampling of the nucleotides (1 by 10 sampling then 1 by 100 sampling).

In this paper, we demonstrate the evidence of a robust INVARIANT at the global level of whole human chromosomes DNA sequences : « Law of chromosomal organization of the human genome », or " law of robustness of the chromosome " : Each chromosome (sapiens or neanderthal) is characterized by a spatial and fractal kind of "standing wave" (natural frequency) whose phase and period (in TCAG nucleotide number) appear to be determined not by the precise sequence but by the relative proportions of the TCAG base-pairs populations ".


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