Publication Ethics and Malpractices

The Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Letters is committed to the academic and scholarly community and therefore intentions to publish original work in the best possible form and to the best possible standards. 

Articles submitted for publication are double-blind peer-reviewed. That is mean: Reviewers are not aware of the identity of the authors and authors are also unaware of the identity of reviewers.

It is necessary to agree upon standards of expected ethical behaviour for all parties involved in the process of publishing (Authors, Editors, Reviewers, Publisher). 


The designation and order of named authors is determined by the authors themselves, by policies at their institutions, or both. As a general point of view, listed authors should have contributed considerably to the conception and design of the study, acquisition of data, or analysis and interpretation of data; designing of the manuscript or revising it for important content; and final approval of the version to be published. BCBL journal accepts no responsibility for deciding matters of authorship.

Author Responsibilities

A single person/individual must be designated as the corresponding author for purposes of manuscript submission. This person is responsible for all communication between the authors and the journal and for ensuring that all authors have agreed;

  • To be authors;
  • To be listed in the order specified by the submitting author;
  • To the declared author contributions;
  • To the declared conflicts of interest;
  • To the manuscript's data;
  • To the manuscript’s most current text;
  • To the manuscript’s submission to the journal. 

The corresponding author further affirms on behalf of all authors that no part of the manuscript is under consideration, in press, published, or reported elsewhere. If any changes in authorship are proposed after the manuscript is submitted (including the order of author listing), the corresponding author must provide the details for the same.

The corresponding author has the responsibility of ensuring that the results presented in the manuscript are an accurate representation of the data that was generated. The corresponding author is also responsible for providing all data to any requestors for at least six years after publication.

Co-authors have a responsibility to read all versions of the manuscript and respond to any requests from the corresponding author that are required for him or her to fulfil the duties of the corresponding author as described above.

Author Contributions

Authors submitting to BCBL journal must indicate the contribution(s) each has made to the manuscript at its revision stage. Possible contributions include:

  • Conception and design
  • Development of methodology
  • Acquisition of data
  • Analysis and interpretation of data
  • Writing, review and/or revision of the manuscript
  • Administrative, technical, or material support
  • Study supervision
  • Other 

Publication Ethics

The editors of this journal Follows a meticulous peer-review process together with strict ethical policies and standards to assure to add high quality scientific works to the field of scholarly publication. Unfortunately, cases of plagiarism, data falsification, image manipulation, inappropriate authorship credit, and the like, do arise. The editors of BCBL take such publishing ethics issues very seriously and are trained to proceed in such cases with a zero tolerance policy.

Standards for Authors:

Authors wishing to publish their papers in BCBL should follow these points:

  • Facts that might be anticipated as a possible conflict of interest of the author(s) must be disclosed in the paper prior to submission.
  • Research findings must be accurately presented by the author and should include an objective discussion of the significance of their findings.
  • Data and methods used in the research should be presented in ample detail in the paper, so that other researchers can replicate the work.
  • Authors must certify that their manuscripts are their original work. Plagiarism, Duplicate, Data Fabrication and Falsification, and Redundant Publications are forbidden.
  • When an author discovers a significant error or inaccuracy in his/her own published work, it is the author's obligation to promptly notify the Journal editor or publisher and cooperate with the editor to retract or correct the paper.
  • Authors must notify Science Publishing Group of any conflicts of interest.

Standards for Editorial Board:

Editors and Editorial Board are required to follow the international standards for Editorial Board:

  • The Editorial Board must keep information related to all submitted manuscripts confidential.
  • The editors are responsible for making publication decisions for submitted
  • The Editorial Board must strive to meet the needs of readers and authors.
  • The Editorial Board must evaluate manuscripts only for their intellectual content.
  • The Editorial Board must strive to constantly improve the Journal and publication process.
  • The Editorial Board must maintain the integrity of the academic record.
  • The Editorial Board must disclose any conflicts of interest and preclude business needs from compromising intellectual and ethical standards.   
  • The Editorial Board must always be willing to publish corrections, clarifications, retractions and apologies when needed.

Standards for Reviewers:

Reviewers of BCBL are also expected to meet the international standards for reviewers when they accept review invitations. 

  • Reviewers must keep information related to the manuscript confidential.
  • Reviewers should bring to the attention of the Editor Board any information that may be a reason to reject publication of a manuscript.
  • Reviewers should not carry any personal or racial or religious agenda while performing the process.
  • Reviewers must evaluate manuscripts only for their intellectual content.
  • Reviewers must objectively evaluate the manuscripts based only on their originality, significance and relevance to the domains of the journal.
  • Reviewers must follow the time duration allotted to them for the purpose.
  • Reviewers must notify editor-in-chief if there are any conflicts of interest. 

Conflict of interest

BCBL journal policy desires that authors, reviewers and editors reveal upfront any relationships that they believe could be inferred as resulting in an actual, potential, or perceived conflict of interest with regard to the manuscript in process. The authors are responsible for providing a detailed conflict of interest disclosure statement on the title page of their manuscript submission.

 If there are no conflicts, author must include this statement on the title page: "The authors declare no potential conflicts of interest." To ensure that the editors and reviewers assigned have ready access, manuscripts will not enter the peer review process unless this statement is included. The BCBL journals' policy represents a realization of the many factors that can influence judgments about research data and a desire to make as much information as possible available to those reviewing the data. If a potential conflict of interest is disclosed, notification regarding the relationship will be published along with the article.

Duplicate Publication

By submitting a manuscript for publication, the authors conform that neither the submitted manuscript nor any similar manuscript, in whole or in part, other than an abstract, is under consideration, in press, published, or reported elsewhere. This includes the posting of the manuscript or any similar manuscript, in whole or in part, on the study sponsors' or authors' institutional websites. The corresponding author is responsible for attesting to the article’s status in this regard on behalf of all authors via the online submission form. Any related manuscript by the listed authors that is in press or under review at any publisher and that contains information relevant to the manuscript under consideration at BCBL journal must accompany submission. Related manuscripts that have been submitted elsewhere during the review process must accompany the revised manuscript. Failure to submit copies of related manuscripts under consideration elsewhere may imperil or delay the review process. Please contact the editorial office if there are any questions about this policy. 

Author Misconduct

Identified instances of author misconduct such as plagiarism, self-plagiarism, or data/image reuse, manipulation, or false information will be inspected and could result in rejection of the manuscript or retraction of the published article. In instances of rejection or retraction due to misconduct, the corresponding author’s institute and funding agency can be notified.